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Viceversa is the best between the other backup solutions

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I have tried all kinds of backup solutions. This one works the best. The most INTERESTING one was CrashPlan, but online backups are too slow, and it doesn't provide enough information for me to verify that everything is working like it should. ViceVersa is sophisticated in the control it gives you, but simple in how it does its job. All your backups are instantly accessible with no special software. It works with TrueCrypt encrypted volumes, and won't accidentally expose your data (like CrashPlan does). I decided that online backups are not worth the trouble, and instead, it's better to use ViceVersa and put your money into at least 3 backup USB portable hard drives. Put one of them in a bank vault or somewhere else safe, and keep one of them for ViceVersa to do constant backups to your work. The last one you rotate with the other two so your offsite and onsite backups are always up to date. Make sure you use a data verification AND recovery program like QuickPar, MultiPar, or persicum's CRC32 to protect your data against silent data corruption. Backups can't help you with that, but any of those 3 programs can. You will never lose data again if you use ViceVersa with at least 3 backup drives in different locations, AND a data verification and recovery program for the inevitable fading of data.


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ViceVersa uses checksums to verify backup copies of data are correct and complete. Nearly all other software will happily copy useless corrupted data to a backup, so when you need your backup, it won't work.