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Memory consumption by Viber

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Working on Windows 7 x64 Viber consumes 154Mb of memory, while Skype consumes 68Mb and Miranda 4Mb
My opinion thats unacceptable. Many modern programs consumes large amounts of memory.
Modern program developers don't care about speed and memory optimization,
component writers don't care about speed and memory optimization.
That's bad.
I think that memory consumption must by one of the key parts for programs that stay active on computers all of the time.

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Just updated to version 6.3 now Viber consumes 193Mb of memory

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I heard good things about Viber but that's all it ever was - things I heard. Viber has been disappointing and I have now removed it from my iPhone. I could be in my office with 50mbps Down and 5mbps Up and my colleague could be in his premises with similar bandwidth. The viber call would just drop out or the message would suggest low quality (or similar) due to poor network! I mean come on that is just ridiculous and in 10 months of having Viber on my iPhone 4 I never managed to complete one, yes NOT ONE successful complete call using it. The message service was okay but whatsapp messenger is far better for that side of things.

1 out of 10 from me for the messaging only.


I made and received a few calls on Viber, over mobile network, I was in Poland talking to my sister in Brazil, both of us using just mobile network. I was impressed with the quality of the call, superior to a Skype voice-only call and even regular international call. She was using an iPhone 4 and me Galaxy S II.

You had a bad experience, of course, and I can't tell why it happened. Maybe your phone had too many apps using it's network at the same time, it will make your connection slower even though you may be connected to a 50Mbps network. It's sad because for me it's a great service. Give it another chance as recent updates they changed completely their voice engine, it's a lot better now. There are also the other features of it, like text message, groups, send pictures (and now videos), share location, and now they also have a desktop client with all of these features, and also video call, which is not supported yet by the mobile versions.

Remember also that Viber is completely free for the user, and also that the developers receive no income at all by now with Viber.

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Stopped working properly.

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I used Viber every day for two months then all of a sudden its playing up. Now most of the time when I connect with my partner abroad we get 8 seconds then she goes dead, although she can still hear me!


Great app

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The best thing I love about it is that it has not only mobile clients, but also desktop clients for Linux, Mac and Windows.