VeraCrypt Reviews

Good encryption tool

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  • Comes in both GUI and command line
  • Fast navigation
  • Simple to follow instructions
  • Various encryption methods
  • Strong encryption
  • Can encrypt storage devices


  • On Windows, password limit is set to 100 characters, but on Linux is set to 64. If you are going to use VeraCrypt on Windows and Linux, make sure you set your password to 64 characters or less otherwise you will not be able to mount.

Have used it on Windows and Linux systems and have worked flawlessly.

10/10 would recommend!

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Because it supports pre-boot authentication and on their website they talk about how important it is.


Good TrueCrypt replacement

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I've only tried it in Windows 10, for full system encryption, but it works really well. I'm currently using TrueCrypt on all of my machines but will likely be slowly migrating to VeraCrypt.

It is (of course) highly similar to TrueCrypt, which is great if you're used to TrueCrypt.

The two current downsides, for me, are lack of UEFI/GPT support (but they're working on it) and the annoying PIM. Yes, I understand the how and why of the PIM, but to me it's only annoying - for system encryption. I think I read somewhere that the PIM can be stored unencrypted in the boot sector though, so I don't have to type it in every time. An acceptable compromise, if correct.

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I use it to create "un-touchable" areas on my external disks for make backups with Total Commander.

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It's very professional and awesome!!


Worst place to have your files is, and the support is even worse.

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I have ran into a major problem where I lost access to the vault I have created. This has caused a great deal of inconvenience. I have tried contacting the developer(s) several times regarding this issue with no response whatsoever. The vault would not mount, simply put. The issue is discussed online and the workaround solution proposed in forums does not work.

This application is used to keep files secure. If the possibility of losing the files is common enough to be discussed in forums, then that's a huge drawback.

I have been a happy user since the days of TrueCrypt. this application made made me go on a chase of a different encryption method.

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