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Very nice,
I use this over Virtual audio cable.
It's donationware, if you donate you can have more virtual audio device, I am a bit broke but I consider donating.

Allows me to record more audio track with Open Broadcaster, I separated audio from discord and music with this.

So far no problems.

If you are looking for alternative to Virtual Audio Cable, go for this, I think you will like it.

PS : unlike VAC, to listen to the virtual device in the speaker, you have to go in the properties of the "recording device" tab (there is 2 device, one in Playback, the other in Recording)


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The aplication is great for musikbots or something else.


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Works as described. It allows me to have two simultaneous audio applications open at the same time (such as a DAW and Video Editor, whom both want exclusive access to the ASIO driver), without resource conflicts. I can route the signal back into the default device to mix back in, or send it elsewhere without issue.


It works but...

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This allows me to finally use Audacity again in Windows7 to record sound directly off the browser without paying $20 for the stupid NCH Sound Tap program, but there is one downside;
You need to disable the speakers or like me; you'll notice sound doubling issues on the record track. You might be able to just volume down all the way instead, I didn't try that.

Anyway it's free so no real complaints. There was no malware in there either , atleast not when I downloaded it. They do have a donation site which is neat; I'll be glad to donate when I get a visa in the mail again haha. I'm sure I will. It's hard to find good software that is not intrusive with polls and surveys : )

If you're using linux , like Small UbuntuStudio iconUbuntuStudio , there are other better programs for this application.
Sometimes I run that os off disc, but it's just irritating to use because it wants some of my hd space so i'm stuck w/w7 until I get an additional 500gigs.


VB-Audio Cable review.

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I was using Virtual audio cable to pipe audio around, however i had issues getting the cables to stay stable, i tried this and it never has these problems, It just works!