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Easy to use but sharing needs work

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I like the option able to import in my Balsamiq wireframes as reference. And other project assets.
The prototype fidelity is a little less polished than Fluid UI or Proto.io. You can probably bring in custom images and dress it up more.

The real gain for me with ProtoShare is the ability to add and track comments with remote teammates.

For sharing the wireframes you can email a password protected link, which is good. Comments on the wireframes worked pretty well. Liked that you can resolve a thread of comments. The project thumbnail shows an icon when new comments are made and the number of new items.

Reviewers have the same view just without the dashboard link to other projects.

You don't get a notification of new comments, so if you aren't logged into UXPin and at the right level you won't know you have new comments. Older comments had dates but newer comments do not, not sure why. When I open a document with new comments it doesn't open to the new comments, I have to click on each page in the site map and toggle to the comments view to see if there is anything new. There is a handy list of Recent Activity on the home screen but the links also do not link to the comment just to the doc.

You can share the entire project "Tell the story" link, which is fantastic since reviewers can comment on your balsamic wireframe, personas, etc all in one place. The problem is you can only copy a generic url and email it. So reviewers are logged in as anonymous and must choose to add their name. I fear I'll be dealing with a bunch of anonymous comments.

Anyone I add to the project can comment and I know who they are but they can edit anything in the folder including my wireframe! Game over.

Still looking for an easy prototyping tool. ProtoShare has role based access and great commenting but is to complex, 3 scrollable pages of options for a simple button, while FluidUI and Proto.io are very fast and produce polish prototypes they are limited to mobile and have no reviewer commenting.

If you have any suggestions let me know.

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