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Customer feedback platforms

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Uservoice and GetSatisfaction seems to be the leaders in the field of customer feedback platforms. I think both platforms are well made, but Uservoice is my favourite because it seems integrate more deeply with the native site and from a customer perspective gives more the impression that you are still on the same site.

Update, June 25, 2016:
Uservoice's product feedback service is now crazy expensive, which makes it out of reach for smaller projects and companies.

Update, July 3, 2017:
Uservoice's service now as unclear pricing structure - terrible.


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It used to be good since they were one of the pioneers in the Feedback service SaaS business, right now they are insanely expensive and there's other alternatives much nicer and better.


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uservoice is the worst, i had a terrible experience and i will never use it again


Integration of UserVoice into Google Sites

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I had some problem integrating UserVoice into site page, based on Google Sites, but I solved it. So published it as an open source project: https://code.google.com/p/google-sites-uservoice/

Working sample: haunted-soft.com/feedback

And, YES, I like UserVoice!