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I always do a profound research before purchasing new software or service for my company. Before starting with UseResponse I created 3 trials of other help desks.
The main factors by which I was choosing the help desk were:

  1. Comprehensive and convenient interface that I could use across multiple sites
  2. Multilingual Knowledge Base
  3. Cost effective
  4. Good service level and support.
    UseResponse turned out to work great at all the four! The price is quite reasonable, while all the necessary features we need are covered. I should tell, sometimes I was even surprised by how fast they got back to my questions and resolved the issues I had.

all-in-one system 5+, and low price

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Thanks to the team UseResponse, our company uses the service as a community that would serve our customers and bring them together in one system, it is very convenient, we purchased a self hosted version, because we have a large (more than 20 people) support department.

With love Technoklass trade

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This is one of the best system to provide support and grab feature requests.
Using it for more than 6 months already and here are pros:

  • great ideas tracking
  • product board makes it easier to make assignments and track workload
  • automation system assigns the right tech guy who is within business hours
  • easy to setup and team is ready to help you with customization
    Some cons:
  • initial onboarding could be better
  • lack of ready integrations with time tracking systems. Internal time tracking is very limited in features.
    Otherwise its perfect for the team like ours of 10 support guys.
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This software is very easy to use and the price is very affordable. You can customize it to meet your needs. The support team is always there to help you through every step of the process and they are quick to respond. We needed some customization's that they didn't have and they quickly created integrations and the necessary changes on the back end to help us meet our product goals.


License is for 'use' only.

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According to the license agreement they are only selling the use of the software. If the company happens to go out of business and their license server gets shutoff you will loose your investment.


Where did you get that information from? According to our license agreement, you get lifetime license, but can't use our code in other free or commercial products that will be distributed in public as your own product.

We don't have plans coming out of business, we prosper with each month and amaze our customers with free updates with each new release :) Anyway, you can use software no matter what happens without need to pay anything except first 1 time fee!

There is no lifetime license anymore. You need to pay yearly :(