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USBImager is a cross-platform application to write ISO images onto USB sticks.

The unzipped application is less than 400 kilobytes, which is very nice given Small balenaEtcher iconbalenaEtcher is a 80-100 megabytes download and several hundred megabytes when unzipped.

Basically it does the same thing as balenaEtcher but as a native application rather than a bloated Electron application.

It's also able to make byte-for-byte backups of drives, but I haven't tested this yet.

Currently the biggest downside is it's not as well designed as balenaEtcher around user-safety: balenaEtcher does a better job to prevent users from overwriting the wrong drive. I have raised a issue with the author and hope this can be resolved.

I suspect that overtime USBImager will become the default USB imaging tool for many users.