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all in all great game love every part of it


Dont let the cover fool you....

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...because this book is awesome ;)

Many people look at Unturned and go "urgh, what a crap looking Minecraft wannabe".

Yes, the GFX are simplistic, but the gameplay is anything but.

The mechanics of this game are fantastic, along the lines of MineCraft, where you obtain one thing and break it down to turn into another, but UT allows you to modify items, create cars, houses, plant crops but everything has its limits - such as having a car requires a battery and gas - to get gas you need a gas can, either locate one by searching towns, or create one from wood, but for that you need tape, and so on....

You also need to monitor your health which slowly degrades, so remember to eat and keep your fluids topped up...

Sounds simple enough........ wrong. There are zombies. Everywhere you want to find stuff. And they get nasty during a full moon.........

I run a private server so my mates can join, and we have a crap load of fun with this game, we've all paid the $5 to get the "Gold" version but you dont need to do this to play, it just gives you extra skins etc.

Like survival games ?
Like zombies ?
Like guns, cars, helicopters, planes ?

Get this. Now.