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One of the best game engine for topclass AAA games.
However may not be suitable for Indie games that have very few developers, artists, etc since it requires pretty much knowledge, experience and manpower.

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Having made a game in this engine I can say that it is a good engine, I started with zero knowledge of Unreal Engine 4(I did have programming experience) but whenever I had a question I could go to the dedicated answerhub and ask my question for support.

The community is also cool, if you are making something cool, send a message to the community message and ask them to feature you, they feature a few games every other week.

The UI of the engine is confusing to begin with but once you get used to the UI it is decent.


Between those engines I already know, T

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Between game engines I already know, This one is the most powerful open-source engine available !


Unreal is not open-source.

Here's the source code.
In order to access the code you need to create a free account on Epic Games website.

That's good to know. I wasn't aware they made the source code available. Strictly speaking, this doesn't make it open-source, since they don't grant a license allowing others to change or redistribute the source code for any purpose. Still, it's much better than completely locking the code down.

Hmm... So I guess my definition of "Open-Source" was wrong ! Sorry and TnX BtW !

You definition is ok. He just trying to be smartass and cant understand difference between open source and free (as freedom).

open source is one thing, software libre is another thing totally different - open source is a code that you can access and read, but if you are restricted to use it (like those open source licenses from microsoft), the code isn't software libre - and btw, the link above is a 404 webpage...