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UnMHT on Firefox, SingleFile on Chrome

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Now Chrome has an alternative extension to UnMHT from Firefox, but its quality is not OK
I use the Firefox-AddOn unMHT nearly every day; therefore, as long as Google Chrome has no unMHT, it is no browser for me.
I cannot imagine to use a browser without UnMHT's normal functions, to store web pages as single mht-files.
But the UnMHT function "Save selection as MHT" is very unique, very useful, daily needed and in spite of this not available in any other browser than firefox, as far as I know.
The Microsoft Internet Explorer is able to save web pages as mht-files, but cannot save a selection as MHT file.
If you tried UnMHT out, you will never want to get along without UnMHT!
Now I have detected a new Chrome extension, which is able to save web-pages as single htm-sites: Single File.
In a test, those single htm-files can be opened with Chrome and with Firefox, but if you open it with Firefox the site quality is not OK, and SingleFile cannot save a selection as a single file, as UnMHT can.
So I will not change to Google Chrome, as long as Google Chrome has no extension with the same features and quality as unMHT has.