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Stealth installs a few potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). FileAssasin by malwarebytes works better, faster, all the same options and totally safe (as its made by malwarebytes themselves.


DO NOT INSTALL THIS, Silently Installs browser hijackers and other malware

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Do not install this program it installs malware and some very hard to remove browser hijacker that will not leave you alone even after you uninstall it.


Check for 1.9.0 and scan with VirusTotal, should be OK.

Really useful app

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Whilst it seems less powerful under Vista compared to XP, I still think this is a really useful app. It is portable small under 50KB (deleting unnecessary files UPXing) and can be used with the "Send To" function in the mouse context menu.

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This software really helpful and easy to use.

When you cannot delete some file, just right click on that file and choose Unlocker.


Not Needed

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Why would anyone even download this or an open source alternative? It's 2016 now, JFGI is a prominent term (hopefully soon to become synonymous with the term 'google it' ; better yet, replace it) and information is so easily attained. First of all, the hung file is locked by explorer.exe 90% of the time, and the other occurrences happen by programs recently used otherwise it's pretty common sense who the culprit is. If you really need something for those sticky pineapple infused situations where your girlfriend can't clean it up herself (but her usual methods), download process explorer and learn the real way to do it.

  1. Check open or recently used programs that are still open or browse task manager (hereby referred to as 'TM' [if I can get superfluous for old time sake]) for programs that are in a ghosted state (closed to you, task bar [start button, system tray, clock etc.]), but upon observation of running process in task manager it is found to still be running in a ghost or hidden state. Usually crashed but not fully closed.

  2. Save all work just to be cautious, save all tabs (Science forbid you're still using Internet Explorer) and close all occurrences of explorer.exe (this is most likely the solution).

  3. If it's a really sticky situation where not even a strong acid base will remove the pineapple infused mess on your girlfriends system, get terminator style (terminator 2) and use your neural-net processing CPU to nuke the SOB, aka forcibly close (kill process through TM or drastic measures call for finding process ID [again through TM] and using TASKKILL in CMD or other CLI).

  4. Reap in the rewards (better hope you been drinking your pineapple juice)!


I think it is unreasonable to call the Not Needed". First, it is faster than shutting down explorer simply right click and select the option then copy/delete/rename etc. with the extra option to perform the task after the next reboot. All useful and quicker. Also, while explorer.exe is often the culprit, in my experience it is less than half the time, much less.

Uber crap

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Was a very nice program then the author decided to inject adware stuff, if you try to get the program via author's page you will be redirected to another crappy site that offers registry scan (scam)... well my message to that programmer is GFY and get a life loser


I just installed the software normally and using Sandboxie, checked what files were created by the installation, and there was no extra stuffs installed or into the installation files. Maybe they removed the adwares from version 1.9.2
During the installation there was no option to install or to accept any kind of offers, it was just a clean install!

Full of malware has been my experience as verified by VirusTotal and McAfee.