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unity is 100x harder compare to other engines

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there are many problems with unity and its recent updates. if you add too much high 3d models stuff like a forest, it will lag the game and no way to fix this that's how unity was made. Then you got all these fanboys who claim to love unity, do they really like it? did they ever build anything that is consider hard? 95% of unity developers never even made a open world game just the basic 3d level game. The engine is not even helpful with network (aka: multiplayer), thats a whole new kind of C# language and guess what hosting a server is not free. There is a problem with unity being used as an easy way to build easy games with plug-ins, that itself is making many bad games that people just upload to random websites.

Also unity does not have the "forever game" tag, once we upgrade our computers into something like "windows 20" we will no longer be able to play unity games from the 2015 era. It happen before with google shutting down the NPAPI for security reasons, there goes 2005-2015 unity web-player games that everyone had worked hard. Who to say that it might not happen with android, it already is upgrading to "marshmallow".

If you want better game development and a game that will last forever, then use another engine.


Probably the best game engine EVER!

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Unlike others, Unity is easy to learn and gets you making excellent games in just a few hours.

Get Unity - you wouldn't be a developer without it!

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Great and Powerful software though I'm kind of upset that the there aren't all that many serious developers working with this software. I heard there was a System Shock remake being made using Unity that looked amazing but unfortunately the developer switched game engines.

If the developers for Unity decided to make this available for a Linux environment and provided an open source stripped down version then I believe we could see a greater interest in this software but as it is now I doubt we'll see that any time soon.

Regardless of all that this is still amazing software available for the public. You should definitely check it out.

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Unity is an easy-to-use and powerful game engine which has helped me in my University studies. I am looking to get a career in the computer game design industry.


not available on the Linux platform

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unity player is not available on the Linux platform as you say

We are very needed on this platform

Many games we can not run on Linux

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Godot has, Unity not!
Unity is bad!

Wait a minute, what do you mean?
When installing on Windows, MacOS, or Linux, there is an option for enabling Linux Build Support in the component installation.
So obviously, Unity Player has support for Linux.

If you meant Unity Editor, then yes there is also that. If you did some digging and actually looked around, then you could easily find the blog post stating that there is now builds for linux. Granted, it is in experimental stages and behind on release stages, but it is a working official Unity build for linux

I realize the original review was made in Apr 2015, which was a few months before the linux support came to be. However, this MasteLrugarius person doesn't know how to do research apparently by themselves, as the Unity Linux support had been out for a couple of years now. Also, if you base your opinion on the fact Unity has no linux build support, then you are bad at having opinions, period. Especially when you are wrong.