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unifying people in HATRED of bloatware

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I hate it

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It's the worst user interface I have ever seen.


Unity - OS X dock bar wannabe

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OK Unity looks like a rip-off of OS X dockbar (except that it's on the left) and the one global menu implementation is just so poor I switched to Kubuntu. I just saw the HUD demo that they're about to release in v12.04 LTS and almost puked.

But it's a free GNU/GPL software, so if you have the time, just fork it.


I don't agree - the OS X dockbar behaves differently. I have CairoDock which I modified into what feels like the OS X dockbar with a few extra features. OS X dockbar and panel displays more info to the user at once, without having to mouse-over things to see extra menus or buttons.

I agree that it sucks as a UI, though.