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There is no way to see the pricing plans before you are registered. That is kinda shady. On the other hand this app looks solid and might prove useful for some. I would not believe it completely though.

[Edited by lebaux, April 22] changed from "negative" to "neutral" due to the prompt response of developer.


Thanks for being so clear and honest about it. We're currently offering only free accounts - the pricing will be put live within the next 2 weeks. In the meantime using the app is free of charge. If you have any questions, please contact us: info@unifiedinbox.com or @unifiedinbox on Twitter.

It is good to see that you are monitoring what people have to say about you. As I said, I always like to see the pricing first - even before I start to use the service. Reason is quite simple - I want to know if I would be even able to pay premium. Service you are providing is similar to Gist and maybe a little Hootsouite so it definitely had potential. Talking feedback - When I watched the intro video some questions poped in my mind:

  1. What would you do when FB or someone changes API?
  2. Archive? Would you be here in 10 years? Where are my data? Can I store them offline?
  3. Task management? GTD?
  4. Twitter is often spammed as hell - what about filters, loosing productivity etc?

Just brainstorming... you do not need to answer those.
That is about it, good luck in business!

No worries - that's what I expect from other companies, too :)
In fact what you pointed out is perfectly correct, this should not have happened in the first place. To answer your questions - we'll always have some kind of free plan. The number of connections (i.e. Gmail, Twitter, Facebook) and/or messages may be limited, but there will always be a free version. The service is quite different from Gist which I also love but which is more contact centric. Ours is clearly inbox centric. Hootsuite is great, too, but focuses purely on Social Media. What we are aiming for is the intersection of personal email client, support helpdesk and social media management dashboard.

The video was made in a hurry and will be updated shortly. Regardng your other questions:

  1. You go with the flow :) Be agile and adapt (as much as you can)
  2. Yes, you can. In fact, we do not(!) store your mesages, but only the subject/header. When you hit "archive", it's archived in your mailspace.
  3. We have a new approach here - every incoming message is treated as a task, saves you time entering this into another system.
  4. Jupp, true, working on that. Happy for your input, but let's continue this discussion via email?

Sure, we can stay in touch via email, it is lebaux [at] gmail.com. I like your style, and I am more then happy to give you my feedback - there is nothing like company that cares. It might have some value for you, since I am kind off a target group (young marketing manager - i have to deal with lot of emails and business stuff, but I also need to stay on the top of the social media - see what is happening in my industry, and as a digital-marketing-oriented guy I also need to track world of marketing and advertising).