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Umbrella Note Reviews

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"A simple, beautiful and powerful application for writing and taking notes."

Simple, beautiful, definitely. Powerful? Hmm I may be missing something really obvious - it kinda uses an Apple style format - but the only thing I could do with Umbrella Note was ... take notes.

Not edit them. Oh, no. Once you click the tick, that's it. No more writing for you. And, aside from copying and pasting into another app / programme, there is no save / save as / export / email / send to function either. No formatting, no markdown, no .. nothing really.

Lovely looking, but at 122 mb download, quite light on actual usability.


Bizzare. You can't delete notes, but you can delete new notebooks. Also, it seems like when I try to do a new note, it starts me with the text of a prior note, not a blank page. It does look nice. Maybe it's performance art or a commentary on the less than ideal state of notebook applications.