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What a bright future I saw in Ulysses! It was one of the best Markdown writers and I really thought this is a keeper.

However for one they introduced some odd (and not really needed) extensions to Markdown that would make the files created accordingly less app agnostic, but it gets worse… their iCloud implementation wouldn't keep the plain Markdown files as such on iCloud drive, easy to open with any other Markdown app, no, it was entirely hidden from the user and only accessible through Ulysses, nowhere to be seen on iCloud drive. Which defies the purpose of using Markdown in the first place. Byword for example neatly put its files in plain sight of the user.

Now they've switched to a subscription model, so you'll have to pay a whopping $40/year (if I recall that's probably 10 bucks more than the price I paid for the app previously) in order to use the app. Considering that synching is done via iCloud anyway (so they have little part in or can hardly take credit for that) and that Ulysses basically just obscured your Markdown files, I think you should stay away from that piece of software…

I recommend to organise your Markdown files in files and folders, put them on iCloud drive if you need that synching and open them with any non-subscription Markdown app of your choosing. There are plenty alternatives.