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UltraSurf Reviews

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Because I can watch and play anything you want!


Does the job

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While I won't comment on the controversy surrounding Ultrasurf (you can Google it), I will say that I've been using it for years without any issues. It does what it advertises, and that's good enough for me. People can keep worrying about all the evil things that people say about Ultrasurf, but then you might as well worry about getting mugged at night.

All I know is Ultrasurf is the only one-executable portable 2.5 MB download that allows me to access sites and services that I normally wouldn't be able to access. There's a competing app called Tor, but it's a big 47 MB download, more complex to set up, and I found it slow as molasses. However, if you're paranoid about your security, then you can try Tor (though Tor is not exactly bullet-proof either, like any other security product).


Unusable slow

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Tried it, could hardly get a Google page. Not usable - way too slow.