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Not much of use!

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I tried this software just like others in a hope that it will solve my problems related to file copying but NO! It does not provide long path name support, multi threaded file transfer to increase the transfer speed, no features man! After searching a lot I found GS Richcopy 360 which is the best software that I have used till now. Its a great example of how a software can be simple to use and yet very powerful! Some of its features include long path name support which is really important when copying large files, 100% multi threaded file transfer (as the company claims, you can witness the boost in transfer speed yourself), pre scheduled file transfer, email notification when the transfer is done, NTFS support, and many more exciting features. I am currently using the enterprise version of it. Its the best software out there. Try it hope it helps!


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So far, Gs Richcopy 360 Enterprise is better than Ultracopier, I have never seen a multithreading copy like that before. They actually show the threads of files as they copy.it works out of the box, works with long path names, copies permissions, affordable, workstation and server are the same price and can copy open files.
The point is that it is the affordable Enterprise program in this field that has a lot of robust features.


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I am going to have to agree with a lot of the negative comments, i have been using UC on and off for a few years now, but even last night new install attempt to copy large amounts of files from my NAS server to a single SATA hard drive, resulted in many messages of cannot fine file such and such, or it would just hang at 99% or 100% and would never close/finish. I would have to manually close or taskmanager close the app. only to dig through the log, find the damn files it failed copying and to manually copy those one at a time using windows copy and it would work fine. I finally had it.. I installed Teracopy last night and was able to successfully copy a 956GB folder of files without error UC failed to even get half way through this.


goood softwere

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Good software

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Trash software, do not use!

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This is a piece of shit software. Not supported on Linux. Only outdated packages are available and the source is very poorly documented, no way to compile this.

On top of that the devs are known to be scammers.

Just avoid this trash altogether.

Fuck this. There is no alternative to Teracopy for Linux. :(
Only Dolphin has interactive picture comparison, but even THAT is broken in KDE4.


I can't get UltraCopier to work on OS X 10.8.3

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The site could use some better English documentation too...


SuperCopier clone

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I am windows user therefore I don't care if it supports other operating systems or not.

They have tried making a SuperCopier clone. Only advantage it has over SuperCopier is that SuperCopier can not handles windows 7, while ultra copier does. Developers are good and they have given very honest reviews about similar products and their own product themself. http://ultracopier.first-world.info/articles/ultracopier-supercopier-teracopy-copyhandler.html

Otherwise Ultra Copier uses very inappropriate English (all done with translator) that makes it a mess. Some interface glitches also occur during copy process.

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I have remaked Supercopier with the version 2.3, it's few dirty, but now handle windows 7.
See: http://ultracopier.first-world.info/supercopier.html (need launch the .bat near the exe)

For ultracopier: The english is down without translator, but I'm not very good in english. If somebody can help. I'm working on bug for the version 0.4, repport me if you wish fix.

alpha_one_x86 -- I would be happy to help you with the English translations, but unfortunately I can't get the app working on my Mac.

If you can say more. And I prefer on the forum.

When I run Ultracopier, it shows up in the Dock, and also puts a little Diskette icon on my menu bar. When I click on the Diskette icon on the menu bar, I get a grayed-out menu option which says "Add copy/moving >" but I can't select it, and no other window shows up.

Here's a screenshot -- see, grayed out.

grayed out menu option

Similar to Super Copier

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It is very similar to super copier. Could be an enhancement of super copier as both are open source


Advantages of UltraCopier (1) compared with TeraCopy (2)

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A. Features of UltraCopier, which TeraCopy does not have:

  1. Open Source: in difference to TeraCopy also in companies usable free of charge

  2. Not only English, also German and many other languages, the german translation, however is not good

  3. Runs also under Linux and on Mac

B. Features, which both, UltraCopier and TeraCopy have:

  1. Available as Portable App: Can be used also on workplace computers without admin-rights without installation, on synchronized SugarSync-folders or on USB sticks:
    Since you can get a free SugarSync account (3) starting with 5GB and growing up to 20GB (if you invite friends to SugarSync) and more for free, it is very attractive to use nearly all apps as portable apps, and you need not to update the apps twice, at home and on the workplace. You use the same portable apps at home and in the job with all settings equal or different by defining onother executing folder with the ini-file in the calling link.

  2. Runs on 32 bits and 64 bit Windows OS

Windows Explorer Shell integration: Explorer-Move automatically uses UltraCopier

(1) Small Ultracopier iconUltracopier

(2) Small TeraCopy iconTeraCopy

(3) Small SugarSync iconSugarSync


I used tera copy once when i was moving some files to different partition but for my bad luck the system crashed
maybe it is not that teracopy is the cause for this
I think this program uses high speed to transfer files which my hard drive can not bear or take

Note that i like this app
but i am afraid from using it with my new laptop which is running Windows 7 sp1 64 bit Toshiba

So what do you suggest for me To use it or not to ?????

Teracopy has a small problem (mainly due to caching). It modifies the MFT AS it's copying. This can become a problem if you run out of RAM while copying something or if PC "freezes" and you turn it off suddenly. In my case it corrupted MFT, MFTMirr and Boot Sector. Had to pretty much reinstall OS.

Ultracopier (what I'm using now) doesn't seem to have that problem (I had a crash and all went fine), however the crash reason may have been different, we'll just wait and see.

The main problem with ultracopier is that it's not a finished product.

must be improved

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  • no drag'n'drop
  • not showed speed & progress
  • not monitored clipboard
    [portable xristmas ed. on vista]