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File disappeared!

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I worked on one file for almost a week. Last night I turned off the computer, this morning file is gone from Ubuntu One! It is just gone. No more. Lost one week of work :P And I used Ubuntu Linux while working on the file. It was a HTML file and I edited the file with SeaMonkey Composer. Sorry, but I will look elsewhere for cloud storage.


Works really bad, avoid!

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For what is worth, i will list some of the problems i had using Ubuntu One.

I could not install it on LUbuntu at all, never got it to work correctly.

On windows, the service would stop working and never warn about it, lots of conflicts when it suddenly began to work again.

Lots of "Sync in prograss" with no progress at all.

Stopping and Starting the Sync would mess things up worse. Only closing and opening would work, but only for the first sync, any changes after that, you will be stuck in "who-knows" land.

Avoid if you can, use other alternatives there are a lot and are much better.


No encryption

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Ubuntu One doesn't encrypt at all. Most users won't do encryption theirselves (encfs). So this is quite risky for the personal data. Better Wuala or even Dropbox. Btw. Ubuntu One also use Amazon S3 like Dropbox.


Folder location are limited to \user\ subdirectories.

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Be warned that on a Windows system, its folder can not be placed outside of \user\ subdirectories (/home for Ubuntu). See for example this thread: