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Canonical's nonsensical and ill-managed effort to promote the Unity desktop finally failed in 2017 and their stock offering, Ubuntu, now has gone back to using the Gnome desktop. Thank God. (Unity was ugly as sin.) This means Ubuntu Gnome is pointless because Ubuntu now comes with Gnome anyway.

As an aside: if you're keen to use Ubuntu, just consider that Canonical has recently decided, much to the outrage of the Linux community, to gather private user data through the Ubuntu installer, as of 18.4. It's opt-out, but it should even be there.


Ubuntu have previously violated user privacy by harvesting local desktop search results to inform Amazon's shopping service. Worse still, Canonical were overtly hostile to critics of this:

Consider Linux Mint instead, or something like Manjaro, an Arch-based distro which has become very user-friendly in the past couple of years and has a great community.


not as good as i thought

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I thought finally ubuntu without the preinstalled crap and GNOME! but it just slowed me down, I found many bugs and man things crashed, froze etc. But ubuntu has been disapointing me with this, the other ubuntu based Os are far better.