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Ubuntu Budgie Reviews

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Best of Ubuntu with a clean and beautiful desktop environment


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My preferred desktop environment so far. Very nice design. To anybody that likes the look of GNOME, this has kinda a feel of GNOME and I like it. You can customize many things with the toolbars and the Budgie settings, if your goal is only customization I would recommend you KDE Plasma but if you care about it but want something easier than KDE Plasma, Budgie is just perfect. You can customize it very easily while still having a simple basic thing. Also, if you cannot run GNOME on your laptop, install Budgie as environment, it is much more lightweight. If you want to know if it is GNOME who takes your CPU run the command 'top' and if the task 'gnome-shell' often goes to the top, that means that GNOME is taking a lot of your CPU and you should get something else.
To install Budige, just copy and paste the following command: (dependencies and everything in once : )
sudo apt-get install -y ubuntu-budige-desktop && sudo apt-get install -f -y

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