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with this app, we can track the taxi we booked, get all the driver details, get all the recent trips all in one place. Very helpful app.


Will Soon Discontinue

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Apps like Yandex.Taxi and Gett have real, licensed taxi drivers. Why be driven by people who passed the Uber check in 10 minutes just to show off their fire mixtape. Grow up!


Uber drivers are licensed and checked thoroughly for criminal background among other checks. Why post baseless accusations when you can't even do your research on Uber properly? Grow up!

"Thoroughly" Yeah yeah... Like all those accused child molesters who are driving the Uber's. "Thoroughly" Grow up!

What child molesters? There's no molesters in Uber. Competitors slander Uber because they can't compete legally. Stop believing false news and grow up, you big baby!

Better Options

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If I want a limo service I almost always want to book it in advance to make sure it is available. So I use a service like Hughes Limousines in Australia.

If I want a taxi I would rather travel with an insured vehicle and driver so I would prefer an app like GoCatch that does everything Uber does but with registered taxis (again in Australia)