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Typio Form Recovery Reviews

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The most reliable and well-engineered form recovery extension I've found. If you are unaware of its purpose: it stores anything you enter into forms on websites in a local database, and allows you to recover it, should the browser crash, you accidentally navigate away from the page, etc. Typio and its spiritual predecessors have saved me many hours of frustrating re-typing of forum posts and e-mail forms.

The many ways to lose form input are just some of the reasons why, in so many cases, web applications are terrible. Take at least a bit of the pain out, and protect your sanity, by having Typio active at all times.

I've been using Lazarus for many years, but with lack of ongoing support, that extension started to become more and more problematic, until it stopped working entirely for me. Typio is a wonderful replacement, even better than Lazarus ever was. It's fast, it's reliable, it doesn't get in the way, it offers many customisation options and has a good interface.

If there's any browser extension I'd have to choose as being absolutely essential, it'd be this one.


This add-on no longer exists on the Chrome Web Store.

Currently, it is back in the store. Grab it while you can? =D