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I came to TwoSeven looking for a replacement for Rabb.it as the site was dead. This was actually pretty good.

Yes, you need a plugin to use it with everything but Youtube. That said, the plugin works well and I was able to watch Netflix and Amazon with less lag and better quality than Rabbit. The "web" link works like a charm and allowed us to stream off the Internet Archive with zero issues. The chat works well and can be collapsed if you have things in full screen. Amazon had full features including resolution, subtitles/captions, and X-ray.

This site works by streaming things to a private room. Only one person needs a TwoSeven account: the person who sets up the room. You get others to come to a room either inviting friends who already have accounts or by giving your friends an invite link to come watch movies. There is no "stumble upon" or open room function, but you could post the invite link somewhere public to allow strangers to join. There is both text chat and voice chat. This system works surprisingly well and is less clunky than Rabbit's room system was.

Only one person in the room (the one posting the video) needs to be logged in to the site you are streaming from. Great for when only one of you has Netflix, Amazon Prime or whatever. The pause button is still synced up, though each person can control their volume and other options separately.

The TOS was simple and clean. Here it is if you want to read it: https://twoseven.xyz/help/terms-and-conditions.html

On the not so great side, it didn't recognize my Blue Yeti so I had to use Discord in the background for voice chat. Also I had to use my adblocker to kill the "buy us a coffee" donation bar on the bottom of the screen to be able to resize the window for Amazon. These may be personal problems, though, as I know my computer can be wonky.

All in all I'd say this is a great way to share videos, especially if you miss Rabbit! Send your friends a link and get watching.


Hey Kitsuneae,
Thank you for the glowing review :)

Just one minor corrections for others reading this, twoseven requires all users to have accounts on the streaming service that they're using. So if you want to watch Netflix together, each participant will need an account (or a Netflix profile if your account supports multiple profiles). We have more information on this in our FAQ page: https://twoseven.xyz/help/faq

Also, we don't make this obvious, but although Amazon refuses to show a fullscreen button, you can still go fullscreen by pressing the 'F' key after your play/pause the Amazon video.