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    As a social network infamous for its strict character limits on posts and feeds that update in real-time, Twitter has grown into one of the most ubiquitous social networks and websites on the entire Internet, used as a source for communication and news alike.

    It’s easy to see why, considering its easy to use and understand user interface and availability on the most popular platforms. Its popularization of hashtags and trends make you feel like you're participating in a global conversation.

    It's hard to match the platform availability that Twitter has, but it's been met with criticism on its policies in regard to what can and cannot be discussed. There are alternatives to Twitter that highlight free speech, as well as those that are decentralized in order to ensure impartiality and total user control.

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    1. Ayocer is a social network with a mechanism enabling both enthusiast and regular social network users to make money from socializing. You can Blog, Chat, Get followed on Twitter, Share and Discover what matters to you; & more importantly, Make Money!.
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    2. Intact mission is to empower people to create a transparent community that makes the world more authentic and united. Millions of people use Intact everyday to keep up with friends and family to share movements.

      • Online
      Weblum is a photo and content sharing web application for users who value their privacy. Weblum gives you your own privately-hosted web application without needing to provide personal information and without ads or tracking.
    3. Sayches is a microblogging social media platform for ephemeral content giving its users the freedom of expression without the fear of repercussion.
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    4. is an open source social network focused on freedom of speech. Rakket functions exactly like Twitter. Users can share memes, links, videos and follow each other; like posts, repost and direct message. The platform is censorship-free. vs Twitter opinions
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      hyster Unlike Twitter, does not censor users, track them or collect personal information. There are no advertisements. Users are not banned from the platform unless they post illegal content. True freedom of speech!
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      • FreeOpen Source
      • Self-Hosted
      Parasitter allows you to follow your favorite Twitter accounts with full privacy. Parasitter uses Nitter's rss feed in order to gather the latest tweets from your favourite accounts and builds a twitter-like feed so you can read them.
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    5. Twitterb (noun): Twitter, better. A better version of Twitter without overly strict moderation and unhelpful support, an unbiased team, everything a social platform SHOULD have.
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