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Bloatware - overkill and some bugs.

TweakPower is (IMO) a toy for those who like gadgets.
Trying to be all things for all users.
TP is drowning in gadgets, (IMO) dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced user.
The automatic cleaning could be fatal, as it includes (for example) pre-filled exemptions for the Registry to protect TP entries.
The cleaning settings are optional, but it doesn't take much careless oversite to miss crucial settings

One big problem is that the GUI is taller than desk-top and cannot be resized, inspite of drag-handles (they dont work).
I tested TP on a 15 inch and 23 inch monitor setup.
The OPTIONS btn and APPLY btns are both at the bottom of GUI and are barely accessible.
The OS TaskBar has to be hidden to expose a small portion of of the "Apply" btn.
Windows does not allow windows to be moved beyond north of the desktop top.
All panels and icon are supersized to the point of rediculous ... maybe OK for vision impaired users.

After more than a day testing (including finding Options & Apply btns) this program is bristling with massive bloat and massive overkill.
There are litterally hundreds of settings requiring 2 and 3 step drilling to access.

To risky for my liking.

Tested on Wi-7 PRO 64-bit ... 15" and 23" monitors
Some TP features are not available with Win-7