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tvcatchup.com is proper faulty

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I try to watch tvcatchup.com with broadband speed of upto 20 meg. I am getting around 2 meg and the tvcatchup.com service freezez, like still pictures that change every 15 seconds. People have posted bad comments on tvcatchup.com forum and the moderators say check your broadband speed. What I am saying is that how come every and all the advertisements play for 60 seconds or longer without freezing, and then the live feed is totally naf and doesn't work no matter how many times I try to log back in. I have never experienced anything like this with demand 5, 4od, or itv player.

My G rating -5/5

Sometimes it works ok but i would never recommend getting rid of your old crt bedroom tv to save space as i did.


Hi There,
You seem to be confused between a live TV stream which is dependent on a consistent net speed with no drops in packets and recorded media from the services that you have quoted above including our advert which can buffer. A live stream is just that live, it doesn't buffer at all, so you will need a steady internet speed and more importantly constant ping to watch IPTV.

Try this as it is a great tool in identifying where packets are being lost http://winmtr.net/ download it and enter an IP hit start and see where your packets are being lost on the way to a site. This is best to do in the daytime and at peak times to see the difference.

When testing your internet it isn't only about speed as you need to test the consistency of it as well and a ping test is the most important more important for live streaming, as if it is not consistent then you will get a stutter of data thereby causing it to buffer.

There will always be a few people who have issues with their net ping and this is something we can do nothing about I am afraid as this is the nature of the internet.
The streams are pumped out at a consistent speed which constantly monitored with analytical processes and if there is a fault we know about it before the users do and is sorted as soon as we can.
We will always help out as much as we possible can, but sometimes there are things that even we cannot fix as they are at a user end.
Anyone can find help on our forums or support site http://support.tvcatchup.com/home

Hope that helps :)

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