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Fairly Miserable Software

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I've purchased this numerous times hoping it would live up to the hype.
Regrettably, it does not. Latest version although slightly better doesn't
dock to iTunes correctly and suffers the inevitable freeze and/or crash
when trying to manage data.

I've tried other apps that can scour my entire iTunes library without me
having to manually drag songs over for cleaning. The more you drag,
the more likely it will crash.

I finally uninstalled yet again out of frustration. If it would simply do
what it is supposed to do it would be great.


Spyware, and doesn't work even in paid version

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I've used TuneUp for a longtime, with a paid lifetime license. The latests versions 2.48 and 2.50, do nothing in Windows 8.1. The application starts, but never completely opens. If you force it to maximize, it just sits there telling you it needs to scan your iTunes library. Both versions contain ADWARE. Sorry people, but I Adware and Spyware in the paid version of an application is just plain WRONG. Even when I click NO to the Adware add-ons, TuneUp changes your browsers to Yahoo.

If you install 2.48, which did work, it forces you to update to 2.50, which does not work.

I switched over to my Mac copy. It has decided that all of my MP3s are now somehow DRMd and not readable. Huh?

So, I'm now happily using Jaikoz and it's cousin SongKong. I do not recommend TuneUp to anyone.

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TuneUp is very useful when you have a bunch of poorly labeled CD rips laying sitting in your iTunes library; TuneUp's integration with iTunes makes everything really easy. However, its album art recovery feature is pretty much worthless, since iTunes already has that feature built in (Advanced->Get Album Artwork). Also, though the 100-song maximum for the free version is enough for a lot of people, it's a big limitation if you have even a decent sized music library.