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Looking for Open-source alternative

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Currently, this is the only Android application I have that's not from either F-Droid or Google Play (not counting system apps and pre-installed bloatware). I've been using it for over a year on various devices, and it's the best I found before all the YouTube downloaders controversially got kicked off Android Market. Nevertheless, it feels dodgy, not hugely robust, and isn't Open-source. If I find an alternative that's better, I'll be sure to update it here.


Hooray! Like I said, when I find a FOSS alternative I'll let you know – well I've found one! I've added it as an alternative as Small YTD YouTube Downloader iconYTD YouTube Downloader (It's actually just ‘YouTube Downloader’, but that was already taken). It's GPLv3 and it's on F-Droid!