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This is open source and free.

Like S/W, built with an Electron engine, the first experience is not good (such as many memory usage, dull UI response speeds, etc.)

This manipulates the reference between notes with some scripts and attributes to overcome the limitations of the tree structure of the data. One note can be cloned into another folder.

The learning curve is slightly higher in the middle, but there is no problem with simple text editing.

There is a reliable browser extension that allows you to capture a web page.

The text editor is Rich Text, but many features are hidden or omitted.

It is still in the developing stage and is worth considering.

But I hesitated to use it because I doubted whether it was capable of enduring a huge database.


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Cool idea and some nifty ideas the other note apps don't have, but also buggy. Went to export and nothing happens, no error, just, nothing. Also isn't portable and dumps everything to the system directory, which is undesirable.