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Tresorit - secure storage

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With clientside encryption, this is a much safer option than Dropbox, Google etc.

Simple to use and works well.


Good security but problem with iOS app on older hardware

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I had high hopes for Tresorit as their privacy seems to be better in that if you loose your password you are SOL. However their current iOS app seems to have problems with older iPhones that are restricted to iOS 6. The app continues to loose focus and disappears.

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Excellent value for money. Gave us peace of mind with safe data sharing, cloud file system for the company and backup.
Easy to setup, implement and use. Swiss privacy and reliability. Up to the point nobody helps you should you loose your password. It never leaves your computer, so there is no "Lost password" remedy.

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Tresorit is my favourite file synchronization app. I use it to to keep my most important files (like KeePass databases and important documents) up to date on my various clients (Windows PC, Linux PC, Android Tablet, Android phone, Windows phone).
Tresorit is very secure due to AES-256 client-side encryption and HMAC with SHA-512 hashes. And it is fast, reliable and easy to setuo and use.

With the free version you can setup up to 3 devices for automatic synchronization, but there is a web client which you can use for manual up-/download on additional clients.