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Highly useful, highly recommended

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I have loved, and continue to love, TreeSize Free for many, many years (more than 10 years and counting). Whenever I get a new computer it is one of the first things I install.

It is simple, fast and unbloated. So many disk usage analytic tools waste their efforts on fancy looking charts but don't help the user with their most essential goal - to quickly identify exactly what is using the most space on their storage device.

TreeSize Free, however, excels at this. It quickly analyzes your hard drive (for example, one of my drives had over 480,000 files using over 950G of space, TS Free analyzed the entire drive in under 20 seconds). It presents your entire drive as an interactive tree sorted by file size (or even file counts, if you prefer), allowing you to expand or collapse each directory so you can quickly zoom in on exactly what you need to remove in order to free up the most space in the shortest amount of time.

As an example, I launched TS Free on one of my computers. This one has a 1TB drive but less than 60G free space remaining. I knew it had lots of downloads and photos - but not that much! What was taking up so much space?? It took TS Free 17 seconds to analyze this drive. Right away the problem is revealed - over 460G is consumed by 18 files in "C:\System Volume Information". After a quick online search I found that these are system restore points, and the amount of space they occupy is configurable via the system protection utility in W7 (but that's a topic for another day). All I had to do was adjust the system protection options to reduce the restore point disk consumption. But the important point here is that I quickly got to this solution with excellent assistance from TreeSize Free.

The biggest limitation of the free version (AFAIK) is that it won't analyze network drives. That hasn't been a big issue for me, so I haven't had to opt for the Pro version.

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My favorite Disk Space Manager

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The free version is great, but check out the full version to get the whole range of features.

TreeSize is fast (even faster in new version 6), comes with a great file search feature, supports NTFS, can find and remove duplicate files and is all in all the best application for disk space management I know. For servers I use the "big brother" SpaceObServer.

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Runs very fast and a nice breakdown of where space is being used.


Great little program!

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The free version does what it says. It does it quickly and easily.
Its interface is minimal and beautiful so it doesn't tire the eye.


junctions supported!

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This great application supports junctions and do not add junction's target sizes in reports!

But it do not understand hard links, and it's sizes in report are duplicated (

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Non-free version supports hardlink resolving! And deduplicatioin by creating hardlinks for same files have!


Treesize is a piece of junk

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Crashes everytime I use it (and I have plenty of RAM). Version is older version, but I got tired of developer constantly hitting up for more $$$ for additional updates that don't fix anything.


Try the free version (TreeSize Free), it is awesome and does not hit up for $$$, ever. The biggest limitation in the free version is that it doesn't support network drives. If that's a limitation you can live with, then definitely try the free version.

Best Disk Space Utility

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I tried many programs to get a quick overview about disk space usage. I like Treesize most as it just blazingly fast and easy to use.


Best free disk space manager ever!

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TreeSize Free is a great program for managing disk space. It's fast, it's free, and it presents all information in a very clear overview.

It works on Win 7 and Win 8.

TreeSize is updated fairly regularly, this way you're always up to date.

I'm a proud owner of TreeSize Professional, but I always carry the free version on an USB stick to have it close by when yet another friends asks me to help them because their computer has inexplicably slowed down or complains about low disk space. :)

The full versions are even more awesome and offer really great features such as deduplication and NTFS support.

Added bonus: The folks at JAM are really friendly and offer a-plus support.

Great software, try it out yourself!

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Antivirus reported TROJAN. No thanks.