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Nicely balanced features - not too heavy or light

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I came to look at TreeDB based on the screen shot - I wanted something that had a more visual tree representation, rather than heaps of same same looking notes that are hard to locate quickly. It certainly has that, the note titles have great formating and icon options - including adding your own.
Gave it a go because I did want a not-too-fancy all rounder and dpaner's comment said pretty much that.

The capabilities are far more than I expected in a lot of ways.
The fantastically customisable toolbars made all the diff. Mainly because under customise, most of the commands and shortcuts are there together in one place so it was a quick way to learn what it could do. Secondly I could put what I used a lot front and centre. The toolbars are also floatable and dockable, which I didn't expect. There are two toolbar sections, formatting in the actual edit pane and the regular top bars. My current app doesn't have that and I like this separation.

I also downloaded some of the RVFs for quick formatting options and found a couple of really useful ideas. Particularly one called writer tool in which the main text body is surrounded by a frame of adjustable formattable subframes to hold all sorts of snipits of info, pics etc. This I've used as is as a hold-all one pager, and also to work out the structure for other full trees, or separate DBs by getting stuff organised and seeing just what I've got at a glance. It's been really helpful to gather entire projects together. Kinda jumped ahead of myself there, as I haven't fully got a handle on some more basic functions but got me up and running quicker and made itself useful in a practical way pretty quick in the meantime. http://www.mytreedb.com/downloads.html has a collection of RVFs, skins addons etc.

Still exploring, but I'm glad I persisted beyond the initial sighs. Just been coming at it from the wrong angle based on how I used previous notefiles. Getting there ... finding it quite easy actually and so far pretty much been able to solve everything I couldn't work out at first. Has a nice little thing that puts the last used function on the file menu for quick repeat I guess, but really it's been great for knowing what the heck I just did and should or shouldn't do next time during this fumbling working it through phase.

Already thinking about upgrading to paid version if it keeps proving itself. That'd be a first after only a week or so. Interested in OLE objects, mainly spreadsheets that I need to recalculate often which the free version doesn't handle, but it does do a pretty nice job of manually editable tables as is.

Tried plenty of heirachical notefiles, all either too bloated and complicated or too simplistic and lightweight. So far Jot+ has been the best for what I wanted. TreeDB is more customisable and complex but not too much so. Might keep both. We'll see.

I ditto dpaner, give it a test drive - it's free. (which is always a pretty good price!)