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I've been using Tredict for about six months. I've been a heavy Strava user in the past, but with their constant pricing changes and increasingly cavalier attitude to user privacy, I wanted to move to something else.

Tredict's been an incredible tool. Setup is seamless - you hit a button to integrate with your Garmin (or similar) account, and your activities show up immediately. The analysis you get at the end of a ride is detailed and intuitive; as a cyclist I especially appreciate a mapview that shows you where you put your most intense efforts in across a ride, but there are neat visualisations for running and swim training too.

Best of all, the whole UI focuses on your fitness without trying to control your training. You can map out planned training in the future and combine it with training you've done to date, and Tredict will predict what your combined strength and fatigue curves look like on a particular date. That means you can play around with your program. One feature I wasn't expecting but really appreciate is that you can invite other users to be your coach. Once you've approved a coach, they can see your training and add planned training to your calendar, and you can compare your effort against what you'd planned and adjust from there. Goodbye spreadsheets embedded in emails!

From a glance at their blog, the team behind Tredict really seem to care about privacy and are obviously athletes building the product they want for themselves. There's even an API you can integrate with to add custom fields, and they've gone to great lengths to show you how to export all your data at any time if you want. I feel good about trusting them.