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The ability to mount SFTP shares as drives is fantastic and well worth the $34 asking price.


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Transmit is a paid FTP client for macOS that supports wide range of Protocols. Transmit supports standard FTP/SFTP as well as WebDAV. Transmit also supports other providers like Box, Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. However expanding on the FTP formula you can also connect to object storage buckets like Amazon S3, Rackspace CloudFiles, Microsoft Azure and Backblaze B2.

This wide range of supported options is a great way to keep all of your Cloud Storage solutions in a single ecosystem. On top Transmit also supports Panic Sync and allows you to export your connection setting to something Transmit refers to as "Droplets".

Overall Transmit is worth the $45 USD. I would suggest to buy Transmit from Panic Inc directly, as I'm personally not a major fan of the App Store version.

Since purchasing, Transmit is my primary go to tool to interact with my VPS via SSH transfer as well as to interact with my S3 objects and B2. Previously I have been using Cyberduck, however Cyberduck has some problems with few WebDAV services that I use, as such I moved to Transmit full time and never looked back.