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Run training with trainasone is much more effective for me then using those standard training schedules I have always used in the past ("5k beginning, 10k intermediate, ..."). I now know that the workout that I am getting is specifically adjusted to improve "my running" in the best possible way. I have notices that my running speed and endurance is improving gradually and that I am always getting a training that fits my capabilities.
Trainasone only works effectively if you use a decent sport watch with heart rate and gps from which you can share your running statistics with trainasone. I am using a Garmin 245 with an additional hrm strap to get improved hrm monitoring.
The interface of trainasone is maybe not the most polished user interface, but from that you see that the developers are really focused on the functionality of the running software. This running software is to my knowledge the best that is available to us runners. Any other running tools only serve you with standard running schemes.
I am hoping they also add a cycling version or even a duathlon/triathlon version of trainasone in the future.


Lives the guesswork out of tra...

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Leaves the guesswork out of training, advising on what is most efficient and effective whilst keeping your risk of injury low.

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