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Developer Geohot was hired by Google (according to comment on XDA forum) so app is no longer updated an doesn't work very well.


" 1) GeoHot works for Google now. Hired to find and close exploits like the one towelroot used to root devices; 2) towelroot used a specific vulnerability in kernels dated before June 3. If your kernel is dated after June 3, the vulnerability has been patched and there is nothing GeoHot can "fix" to make towelroot work on your device; and related to that 3) either your phone has the vulnerability or it doesn't and towelroot either works to root your device or it doesn't and there is nothing GeoHot can do to fix towelroot to make it work for your device. Plus, like I said before GeoHot works for Google now so he can't create programs or apps that root phones by exploiting vulnerabilities he is supposed to now be fixing.