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You have to go folder by folder to see all the changes in the Preview option. So if you have 100 folders, you won't see all the changes at once before running the Sync, until you open all the folders/subfolders. That makes it unusable to me because I always want to see the changes before proceeding, so does Freefilesync.


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Toucan has no automatical symmetrical file-deletion

No automatical file-deletion at the other side (equal which side) of a sync-folder-pair, if file-deletion-time was later than last-file-change-time at the side, where the file still exists, see screenshot.
Sync-Apps with symmetrical auto-file-deletion are: Allway Sync, PureSync, Synkron.


No checksum as DirSync Pro

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Someone said this was an alternative to DirSync Pro, but it doesn't checksum what it writes, which is the only thing I use DirSyncPro for, so this one's useless to me.