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It's like what Finder was meant to be

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Adding tabs to Finder is brilliant. But it's not just that, it fixes other features too, which Apple should have done themselves. It adds the cut+paste function for files, the option to display all folders at the top, and the ability to show hidden files with a keyboard shortcut.

It integrates seamlessly with the original Finder. Well worth the $18.


I might actually use this

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Path Finder has more features than TotalFinder, since Path Finder is a full-fledged Finder replacement, while TotalFinder just adds tabs and some other small stuff. However, I like TotalFinder a little bit better because its tabs are styled exactly like tabs in Google Chrome (a personal favorite), so I'm actually used to working with it.

Path Finder also has tabs, but I cannot remember the last time I actually used the feature unconsciously. The design is just too clunky. I'm willing to sacrifice a few features in Path Finder (that I barely use anyways) for the better usability of TotalFinder.


TotalFinder: a small but significant Finder revolution

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TotalFinder is probably.. no wait! It is the single most useful addon application for OS X!

BinaryAge finally brings the joy and necessity of tabs to Finder, just the way it should be. The single most important feature you've been missing. Thankfully, Apple's reluctance to properly develop Finder, has resulted in this nifty little addon application that I would gladly label a significant, albeit, small revolution for all Mac OS X users.

Say goodbye to multiple Finder windows and say hello to tabs (as many as you like) and the dual-mode view which is nothing short of ingenious. Using Finder has never been more fun or productive. The good people at BinaryAge surely deserve all the attention and apprisal they can get. Kudos!