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I’ve been using it for several years and find it "Good".

     HOWEVER, please note that this program's Installation-Monitor does cause a bit of a Hassle, because this Install-Monitor records not merely the events that relate to the installation, but Almost ALL System Actions that occurred During the install; This is Frustrating because it includes a Ton of stuff to read through if you are being careful.

But then, On the Other Hand, Total Uninstall DOES do Very Thorough Install Monitoring — Better Even than Revo. So, despite the Hassle described above, I Still think that Total Uninstall is the Best Choice.

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It analyses installed apps and creates a transferable backup of application which can be uninstalled using the analysed logs.


Very fast and efficient Uninstaller

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Let me start by saying i'm a fan of the good old Quarterdeck cleansweep before Norton bought it and destroyed a perfect product. Ever since i been searching for a good replacement.
I tried so many apps that i almost gave up.
Most uninstallers are just a fancy shell on top of what you already get in Windwows, they just give you the illusion that they are doing it better when in reality its exactly the same if not worse.

What i call a uninstaller is something that takes an image of your registry and hard-drive before the installation and compares to the registry and hard-drive once the installation is done. This is the only way to be certain everything is registered.
This process alone can be tricky and time consuming and many apps i tried have not done such a good job on both fronts.

Total Uninstall on the other hand always amazes me on how fast and reliable it can be. Its super easy to use and it provides a good interface. you do need to be careful the first times you use it and making sure your folder and registry for your other apps dont get included.
For me i had to exclude my Firefox and total commander folder and registry keys as these two apps are always running for me. But once you done that total uninstall does a fantastic job recording your installation and removing them later. I also like the backup. You can always restore what you remove in case of problem.

So as a summary i think this is the best uninstaller out there.
One last good thing is that the support is fantastic, they answer and fix your problem within a day. i have had on 3 occasion problem with my registration and key being used on to many installation and emailed them about it. They fixed it the day after. I just hate companies where you are not worth the time once you buy their product.