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Great way to sleep at work

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So i found this software on a forum. I was looking for a complex soft to install and audit but, unfortunately i was given only audit tool. Which works great! When we had 10 PC in an office and i used AIDA 64 but when i got 100 nodes in a local network i needed to find a software license management program and an audit tool to provide head office with half-year reports based on months inspections.
I tried to use lansweeper free version but it didnt fit. Lack of license compliance management system was really the thing that turned me off a lansweeper. This, however, was all i needed. Also, very interesting problem is using an unique admin password. I have one PC i cant make an audit with the Total Network Inventory so i have to go to the old scheme.
This tool got my life as a system administrator really pleasant and boring (in a good way).

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