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Still has problems

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There's nowhere on their website to leave a feedback so I've decided it would be best to leave it here.


  1. If the file you're trying to download is in a directory in torrent TorX won't allow you to download that file as it gives "404 Not Found" error message.
  2. After downloading a torrent once, you can't download the same torrent again even if you kept the url that's containing the download key and use the same IP address. It shows 100% in progress bar but when the files in torrent clicked it gives "404 Not Found" error message.

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I tried emailing the email address for inquiries regarding Torx.cat that I learned of via Twitter (deviance at tuta dot io). The person in charge is rude. He/she stated that my suggestions aren't going to be applied to the site because its free to use. Other people can try sending suggestions to that address and see what happens.

*charge of that email account

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Its live again at torx.cat :)


Incredible, best Torrent Webclient so far

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Just upload torrent file, it is very quickly leeched and downloaded. Awesome!