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Good and stable

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TortoiseSVN is good and stable


Were you paid to say that???

> Were you paid to say that???

I have family... I have old blind cat... I have bills to pay...

Sorry :(

Paid to shill an open source app lol. Priceless comment.

I can't believe they paid you off, too. This is ridiculous. Is there anyone who CAN'T be bought??

I have to do this. :(

It's a cruel world. :)

Seriously, TortoiseSVN is good and very useful option, even for beginners and for experience users. I have install it in LAN of several teams with VisualSVN Server, and this stack is simply works - for engineering tasks and document flows.

Where is a two issues, if you want to go deeper

  1. Taking of URL for server's repo and creation of working copy is not to easy for understanding for common user
  2. Tortoise is integrating to file Explorer, so you can't use it in portable mode.

But if you has installed an app and created the usual checkouts for your users - further work is nice.

Very fraigile

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I always have to re-checkout my repository because it's so easy to mess it up! This software blows.