TortoiseGit Reviews

Beware of conflicts detection and resolution

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TortoiseGit is really great for:

  • comparing a file with its previous version(s)
  • solving "3file conflicts" where a file contains conflictong snippets (**but **TortoiseGit "helps to create" them, see below)

TortoiseGit is really bad for:

  • detecting and preventing conflicts both at "pull" and "push" times
  • selecting easily files in a subdir (does not hint very well at select-time which files were really updated and need to be synced)

I am a happy TortoiseGit user for files comparisons, history, etc.

  • For staging I prefer Git-Bash or Git-GUI
  • For pulling I prefer Git-Bash
  • For pushing I prefer Git-GUI

Helps to work with git on windows

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Really good for those, who don't want to use Linux for work in GIT. THis software helps to do everything needed (pull, push, merge). And also the logo (turtle) is very nice, too :)


really helps in professional life. I am not a developer, and work with git in Win environment. Really like this!