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I needed to buy proxy or vpn to work on some site for USA residents. One of the One of the items was a resident IP. Thats why I tryed torguard. Their support assured me that their VPN is stealth. So I bought it and see this:

Any antifraud system will ban your account if you will use so obvious VPN configured on default ports.
I asked support to change ports, the support turned out to be so incompetent that it started trying to convince me that open standard openvpn ports are completely normal. You can read this conversation and laugh here:

After that I wrote to admin@ torguard. ne t , but didnt get answer. Moreover they refused to make a full refund.

In conclusion: if you want to hide VPN usage never buy this vpn.

Ps. Haha what a shame they reported my review as fake lol
"TorGuard's reason for reporting
This review is fake."
Ps2. This scammers rejected my 5$ refund because of my review omg. Never use this scam service please)
Screenshot: hkar.ru/110Qo


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Privacy focused service. Not the best client app but excellent service as OpenVPN, SOCKS5, and others. Wireguard soon.

Compare log less privacy features on Torrent Freak. TorGuard is now my first choice on older hardware. ExpressVPN is my primary service.

Client uses silly interface teardown or blackholing to "protect" traffic on disconnect. Needs to use system like expressVpn and ivpn: software firewall service.

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torguard provides excellent customer support

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Friendly, knowledgeable staff backing a reliable hardened privacy-centric service. Excellent speed.

I use it on android, ios, osx, and ubuntu. The second-hop stealth options are one-click easy.

Refer to Torrent Freak blog for reviews of ZERO-log privacy-centric VPN service providers.


occasional audio artifacts with SIP (SIP TCP over Torguard UDP, and SIP TCP over Torguard TCP)

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Love TorGuard and everything about them, there support is first class and there service is awesome.

Thanks TG A++++++1