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A pleasant and efficient Todo helper (with room for improvement)

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Top Task List is the most efficient of the various tools I've tested on my Lumia 710 Windows Phone. It's also the one with most positive feedbacks ratio on the market.

Pros: A well thought, UI efficient "task crunch" tool

  • ergonomical (I happilly use it with over 120 tasks/subtasks)
  • integration eg. individual folders/project can be pinned on the phone home page; optional configurable reminders
  • Prioritising is easyly done; TTL adds some useful automation
  • Help's like the app: quick, clear, KISS
  • Send any or all folder by email

Cons: Come on and let's finish the already well-done tool!

  • Lacks an option to hide subtasks, so to see all main tasks at a glance
  • Portability and synchronization : only via standard email, so it's not really integrable atm (author says he's working on it). Com'on! What if my phone is lost or broken? What about synchronizing it as a simple text file (or folders and files) to other devices, even indirectly via a backub file, or with Zimbra?