Toolwiz Time Freeze Reviews

Better than Deepfreeze!

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This software is better than Deepfreeze for 2 main reasons:

  1. It's completely FREE
  2. I can add files and/or folders to exception to not work virtual!

Tested with virtualbox and tons of viruses, works like a charm, after restart, it's completely clean!


I found Toolwiz's UI to be a mess. I much rather use reboot restore rx, or drive vaccine. Both of those work better than deep freeze or tool wiz

I have installed reboot restore FX on 14 dell's desktops with windows 10 and Reboot restore rx makes them very very slow. Sometimes it takes 4 o 5 minutes to start Windows. Time ago, with deep freeze it didn't happen, but now it's not free, so time to give Toolwiz a try. Is better a bad UI than meking a new PC to seem old.

The main difference between Toolwiz from Restore RX, Drive Vaccine, Deep Freeze and so on it's that you can 'snapshot' your computer at every restart. Yes it will occupy more space on disk and sometime will even slow down your PC but the main usage is that you can restore your PC like yesterday, or 2 days ago ecc.. While the other software just take one snapshot and at every reboot it's same as always.