Toolwiz Time Freeze Reviews

Better than Deepfreeze!

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This software is better than Deepfreeze for 2 main reasons:

  1. It's completely FREE
  2. I can add files and/or folders to exception to not work virtual!

Tested with virtualbox and tons of viruses, works like a charm, after restart, it's completely clean!

I found Toolwiz's UI to be a mess. I much rather use reboot restore rx, or drive vaccine. Both of those work better than deep freeze or tool wiz

I have installed reboot restore FX on 14 dell's desktops with windows 10 and Reboot restore rx makes them very very slow. Sometimes it takes 4 o 5 minutes to start Windows. Time ago, with deep freeze it didn't happen, but now it's not free, so time to give Toolwiz a try. Is better a bad UI than meking a new PC to seem old.