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A powerful Alternative to Fences, with a downside.

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-A lot of customization, down to the sizes of the icons and other aspects to get the desktop you want.

-No installation, all ran out of a file, easy to get started and no hassle uninstall.

-[This is the big one for me]Works off of Shortcuts. Unlike Fences that actually hold the documents, this merely makes shortcuts on your desktop. which is kinda useless in my opinion (anyone with windows 8 or 10 have a better way of handling shortcuts.)

-with the "lot of customization" comes with a clutter of menus.

Other Info:
The company offers 2 versions as of writing this: Toolbox & Toolbox III Beta. I tested both and the Toolbox III Beta has just a bit more control then the orignal without it being much different. anyone who wants this I would think would go with Toolbox III Beta right now.

Final verdict:
A decent light program thats packed with features. Its good to give it a test and throw away the files if you don't want it. Since I got Windows 10 I feel like it would be wasted space comparatively. Other then that, I would say try it out for yourself. I liked it for what its worth.