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Todoist, what it does and doesn't

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As a guy with absolute shit memory, I've been using Todoist free version in browser and on my smartphone for about 3 years because of how easy it is to use and I'll keep using it in the future, but apart from everything working for a todo list way, it has a few things I would love to be implemented but aren't:

  • more and better keyboard shortcuts
  • more features and tracking capabilities
  • easier handling with keyboard only
  • more functions that even the simplest text editors have nowadays

The paid version doesn't really solve the above issues, right now it just adds labels/tags and notifications if you pay fully, which are nice to have but not essential.

Altough, what it does it does really well for a TODO list in its design:

  • it shows the timeline of the next days visible to you
  • this makes it easy to drag and drop things to reschedule
  • has support for recurring tasks
  • has support for priorities
  • has support for dates
  • has support for natural language scheduling of tasks (like "take out trash on sunday", and he knows to put "take out trash" on Sunday)
  • it's the fastest app I tried to add and manage your tasks (it takes 2 seconds to add a task with a date with the speed I type)

Because of these, I have a custom querry of the next 7 days of my todoist as my Chrome homepage. Very useful to keep me in check.

Note: The latest UI design change was a fun addition.

It's a good todo app, but I want the devs to do more for it to make it godly.

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The free version is totally unusable!
Why do they even have a free version? Even reminders are paid! A todo app without reminders! Shame on them!


While I agree this is a bit weird, I question people who aren't willing to pay $29 a year for something they are likely to end up using every day.

This is mine todo-list manager.

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This application is must-have tool for people with a lot of things todo. This is not really simple task list, this is SMART task list because of different features inside Todoist, like: notifications, labels, projects, and inline features from workfly / moodo (unlimited sub-tasks, sub-projects, etc).

It has comments for each task / project. + It have very nice win app (win10 app works fine in offline without even internet connection). And it has a lot of integration tools.

Karma Feature

Strongly recommend to use. Their free version is a little bit limited, but you can still use it without any discomfort. But i prefer to use paid version (price is really cheap if compare to competitions), but features really awesome.

enter image description here


As you see, I did use this tool for a long time.
But I stopped to do it in 2016 or 2017, because I was tired to report them about their bugs, about dozens of issues, about really a lot of problems with their app.
I switched to which is absolutely free and much better in terms of everything than Todoist...

What problems did I face with the Todoist?

  • bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, damn bugs EVERYWHERE!!!! I feel myself like a ship on which tested all their features.
  • their old win App = bugged, and does not work offline. Their new Win UWP app - super bugged and does not work normally at all, and not functional as their old classic one
  • their web interface always require internet connection to work with
  • they have dozens of bugs inside even their classic app
  • it's very easy to get a lot of misunderstanding and confusing thing while you're working with the app...

Oh, I can write hell a lot about Todoist.


Todoist one of the really good tools in the market for collaborating, even with bugs it's have killing features like rating and tasks for today. While for example quire after few years still does not have at all...

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I love Todoist's gamification because it makes checking things off your to-do list a lot more fun.

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Absolutely love the clean layout!

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Labels requires subscribing to Premium which costs $29 / year.

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I ended up liking this way more than I thought I would. I tried it out for a couple of days and then I ended up paying for a subscription. Haven't found any major flaws yet, so very happy so far.

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The best I found after Microsoft bought Wunderlist.